Advanced Leadership: Leading Learning

There is nothing more empowering than engaging with a community of leaders to collaboratively explore and improve leadership capacity. Advanced Leadership: Leading Learning has been specifically designed to offer high-level accessibility in terms of time, cost and location.

As a community of learners, you will engage in the real time development of your own personal leadership practices. This element of honing your personal leadership will be built into the program structure through the development and implementation of a relevant school-based project that will enhance leadership and learning in your school.

Program Structure:

This leadership development program takes place over a six-month timeframe and will engage participants in the following learning activities:

  • Commence with two consecutive days of face-to-face learning
  • Online discussions with guiding questions
  • Two individual coaching sessions to support the development and implementation of a school-based project (virtual face-to-face)
  • Six live interactive webinar sessions (one each month) to share progress and receive feedback from peers on the school-based project
  • Provision of relevant research and materials accessible via an online learning management system
  • Conclude with two consecutive days of learning and presentation of school-based projects

Learning outcomes for the Advanced Leadership: Leading Learning program:

  • Understand how to strategically lead a learning focused school vision that embraces the needs of learners in our challenging world
  • Examine and identify a clear moral purpose that focuses on learning improvement
  • Understand how emotional intelligence (EQ) relates to leadership and the effective management of people and change
  • Explore the implementation of strategies and processes within the context of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
  • Know how to confidently utilise professional protocols within PLCs to gather data and guide learning conversations that decide on next steps to improve learning
  • Examine strategies based on distributed leadership that can be used to engage and develop colleagues based on passion, capacity and ability
  • Explore the future of learning through the work of current educational thought leaders
  • Build a professional portfolio of leadership skills along with the confidence that will enable success in current and future roles

Download Program Brochure here and if interested in this program contact us now. 



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