Conference Presentations

Inspiring, thoughtful, research driven and transformational are words expressed by participants in response to EDUCAA’s conference presentations.  We carefully design and plan bespoke presentations and workshops based on a brief from the conference organising committee.

EDUCAA has presented both in Australia and internationally on the following topics:

Full Day Conference Workshops:

  • You Can’t Lead From Your Office! – Being a Visible Leader
  • Learning Focused Leadership: How will we lead now and into the future?
  • Valuing Students’ Expression of their Learning
  • Leading Learning: Empowering and Accountable Leadership
  • The Courage to Lead
  • Leading Peace and Justice

Conference Workshops:

  • The Learning Focused School: Our Core Purpose Now and into the Future
  • The Vulnerability and Reality of Leading in the 21st Century
  • The Courage to Lead
  • Looking for Learning
  • Learning that Matters in a Changing World
  • Brain in Mind Learning: Messages from Neuroscience
  • Mindset: Learning to Fulfill our Potential (2 Workshop series)
  • Mindsets: Leading Learning Potential
  • Thought-full Classrooms: Creating Opportunities for Thinking
  • Student Voice Matters
  • What’s a dog got to do with education?  Illuminating what matters in education and life


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