"Dr. Bern Nicholls and Annelies Hoogland are smart. Scary smart. They are former teachers and principals who are working with educators around the world to transform education.  Their former business name was ‘Learning Labyrinth’. Walking a labyrinth is an ancient meditative spiritual practice but for most people it evokes never finding one’s way. An ancient language came to the rescue. Learning was at the core of their business. Annelies knew the Latin word most closely associated with learning is education. The root ‘educa’ means to draw out. I added an extra ‘a’ making it EDUCAA. Now our superheroes have a word that is unique, short, unexpected, memorable and tells a story. Magnificent! Yep, that’s Latin too."

- Louise Karch, MEd, (2016), NAMEfluence. (p.72)



Annelies Hoogland MEd - Co-Founder and Director of EDUCAA 

Annelies is an experienced, international leader and consultant who helps leaders improve learning through leadership development, strategic analysis of data, the use of professional protocols and development of collaborative learning teams. She has extensive experience using student voice as part of her leadership repertoire.

In partnership with schools, Annelies has developed and implemented practical strategies that support organisational change and the development of learning focused cultures. Her expertise in ‘how’ to 
lead the learning in schools has inspired leaders and teachers to ensure all students reach their learning potential. Annelies’ work has directly impacted on team performance and collaboration, as well as student engagement and increased learning.

Annelies has lived and worked in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, where she served as Principal within the international school system. Now based in Sydney, Annelies’ leadership expertise catalyses leaders to develop and commit to a clear and compelling vision that improves learning. Annelies has successfully supported leaders across Australia to implement a wide range of practical, research-based processes and strategies that directly improves learning for all students.

Annelies’ deep understanding of leadership for learning has been strongly influenced by her affiliation with Teaching for Understanding, Project Zero and Data Wise at Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), alongside extensive immersion in the research of Alma Harris, Michael Fullan and Richard Dufour.  Annelies’ development as a learning focused leader has been strongly influenced by the exceptional leadership of Bill Gerritz (former Head of School, International School Bangkok) and Pam Harper (Fieldwork Education, UK). 


Bern Nicholls PhD - Co-Founder and Director of EDUCAA

Bern Nicholls is an authentic and passionate learner who over the 
span of her career in education has consistently kept students at the centre of all her thinking and research. As a facilitator, Bern incorporates an understanding of how the brain most effectively engages, remains motivated, and importantly learns. Bern is driven by a deep curiosity about the learning process, which is evident in her commitment to ongoing research. She synthesises current educational research into processes that are practical and empowering for all learners.

Engagement, collaboration and enjoyment are key ingredients that support effective learning and are hallmarks of Bern’s approach.  Bern has more recently worked on long-term projects within international schools to research, develop and write meaningful curriculum. Currently Bern is engaged in leadership development programs in Australian and international schools, and presents at conferences such as the European League for Middle Level Education (ELMLE), International Conference on Thinking (ICOT), and the Victorian Catholic Secondary Schools Deputy Principals Association (VCSSDPA) Annual Conference.

Bern completed a Doctor of Philosophy in Education with Distinction, and
 was awarded the Education Faculty’s University Medal for an "innovative and unique" thesis that focused on learning data gathered from students. Twenty-seven years of teaching, leading and researching in secondary schools across Australia continues to inform her insights and practices.