Leadership and Learning


Nicole Mangelsdorf
Kilbreda College
Mentone, Melbourne

Bern and Annelies’ passion and commitment to improving leadership for learning is evident in all that they do. Grounded in current research, their professional learning programs are engaging, inspiring and practical. Bern and Annelies’ breadth of experience in schools and deep understanding of improving learning underpin their professional learning programs. They are highly professional, engaging and inspiring facilitators who are able to grow individuals, teams and schools.


For today’s students, education must move from traditional 20th century models of information, memorisation and exams to a school experience that sets students on a life path of learning for understanding, creativity and self-direction, alongside a comfort with failure and ambiguity. EDUCAA believes that students equipped with these capacities, abilities and skills will be able to make their way beyond the school gates, no matter how challenging their environment or economic circumstances. 

We relentlessly focus on LEARNING. But not the traditional prescriptive ideas still taught in many schools. We are talking about learning that ignites students’ insatiable curiosity. Learning that inspires the discovery of passion and unlocks each student’s unique potential. Learning that is adaptive and responds to the economic and environmental demands of our world. Learning that creates definitive life advantages for students across a broad range of occupations.

We support and develop LEADERS. Research suggests that after the classroom teacher, leaders have the second greatest impact on learning – our moral purpose. We are committed to creating unique learning pathways for all leaders in schools. From our lived experiences we believe that critical to leading learning improvement are the development of leadership dispositions and understandings.


What is the purpose of education?… education needs to help our youth discover their passions and purpose in life, develop the critical skills needed to be successful in pursuing their goals, be inspired on a daily basis to do their very best, and be active and informed citizens. Without this foundation, schools will continue to fall short. 

Peter Wagner and Ted Dintersmith, (2015) Most Likely to Succeed: Preparing our Kids for the Innovation Era, (p.43)