School Partnerships


Graeme Scott
Deputy Head of School for Learning
International School Bangkok 

I have worked with EDUCAA a number of times and each time I learn something new.  Their genuine passion for learning combined with a strong research background means that the relationships they establish with schools are powerful, long-lasting and highly effective.  I offer my highest recommendation to other school leaders or practitioners who are serious about improving learning. 


Tailored Programs: Leading the Learning Focused School

In collaboration with schools we have identified and developed programs that improve learning.  Examples of such programs include:

  • Executive leadership development
  • Middle leadership development
  • Learning focused leadership and the learning focused school
  • Effective Leadership and Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Establishing Professional Learning Communities to collaboratively focus on student learning data
  • Collaboration for Learning – The deprivatisation of teaching to improve learning
  • Student Voice Matters – Exploring learning improvement through student data
  • Understanding the neuroscience of learning through the experiences of students
  • Examining the impact of Growth and Fixed Mindsets on learning potential
  • Leading a Growth Mindset school
  • Making Thinking Visible – establishing a culture of thinking


Juliette van Eerdewijk
International School of The Hague
The Netherlands

Personally, I have gained so much from the many opportunities I have had to speak with independent educators Bern and Annelies, about what is happening in my school. They provide me with great support and guidance. We work well together and they know the school and its needs so well. 




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