Women in Educational Leadership


Mrs. Liz Hutchison
Academic Dean
International Christian School
Hong Kong

The Women in Educational Leadership program was not only about issues pertaining to women in leadership but also focused on leadership for learning using current research. Even though I value student voice, the program helped me consider how to include more of it into critical areas of learning. I’ve passed on what I have learnt to the leadership team and together we have already used some of the learning to introduce an innovative practice for our new academic year. I hope that this will open up further conversations and expand upon what we are already doing. 



Women in Educational Leadership is a program that supports and promotes women into school leadership positions. The program can be designed to develop the specific needs of schools or networks, focusing on the crucial role gender balance plays in effective leadership.

Learning outcomes for the Women in Educational Leadership program:

  • Promote and develop women into leadership positions to ensure gender balance and diversity
  • Develop an understanding of the impact of ‘unconscious bias’ as it relates to women in leadership positions and young women in schools
  • Strategically lead a learning focused school vision that embraces the needs of 21st century learners
  • Identify the dimensions of leadership that make the greatest difference to students and their learning
  • Understand the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) as it relates to leadership and the effective management of people and change
  • Strategically develop and grow leadership teams based on diversity, gender, capacity and ability 

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